Schemes & Incentives

A range of schemes and incentives helping you to buy the home you want in a way to suit you.


Help to Buy

With the Help to Buy scheme you could own 100 per cent of a property with just a 75 per cent mortgage and you only need to find a 5 per cent deposit. The initiative was introduced to help homebuyers get on or climb the property ladder. It's open to both first-time buyers and home movers provided they can pay a 5 per cent deposit on homes valued up to £600,000.

There are two options to choose from with Help to Buy - an equity loan or a mortgage guarantee. 

Equity loan

A Help to Buy equity loan is only available to people who are buying a new-build property. With this option the government lends you 20 per cent of the overall cost of a property, meaning you will only need to find a 5 per cent deposit and apply for a 75 per cent mortgage.

For example, a property valued at £200,000 would involve:

Buyer's 5% deposit = £10,000

Government's 20% loan = £40,000

75% mortgage from lender = £150,000

You will not be charged any interest on your 20% loan for the first five years but you are not able to sub-let your home and it must be your only property.

Mortgage guarantee

The Help to Buy mortgage guarantee helps homebuyers who can afford to purchase the property outright (with the help of a mortgage) with a deposit as low as 5 per cent.

The government will guarantee part of a mortgage given by the lender, meaning the lender can offer you a higher loan-to-value mortgage – which is how much mortgage you have in relation to how much your property is worth.

For example, a property valued at £200,000 would involve:

Buyer's 5% deposit = £10,000

Government guarantees = % of loan

Loan-to-value rate from lender = 80-95%

This part of the scheme is available on both new-build and older homes.

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